Disciplinary Policy

Disciplinary Policy

Policy on Conduct and Discipline of Students


To create a safe and welcoming learning environment where all students may reach their potential.

Policy Statement:-

Disciplinary procedures exist for the safety, discipline and well-being of the whole College community. All students are required to uphold this Disciplinary policy. The College will support students to develop and maintain socially appropriate standards of adult behaviour. NILT College recognises the challenges faced by its students and will only invoke disciplinary procedures after careful professional consideration and in accordance with this policy.

Discipline Rules & Regulations

1. The students of NILT College are expected to behave with mature responsibility at all times and show a caring attitude, accepting diversity and respect for the feelings of other students.
2. All students should arrive at 9:00 am in proper uniform otherwise will be penalized for late arrival and improper uniform.
3. Punctuality to class timings and proper discipline in class rooms, labs, library etc. should be of the highest order. No student is allowed to loiter and move aimlessly in or around college.
4. All students should be punctual and regular; in case of any emergency or illness students should inform the College in the form of application. Continuous absence for 15 days will result in striking off the name from the College.
5. 75 % attendance is a must, during one academic year to appear in the B.I.E.K. Examination.
6. Use of liquor, drugs or any other forms of addiction or smoking is strictly prohibited on College premises will be cause of suspension or termination.
7. Students are forbidden to sing, whistle, hoot, shout or indulge in any unseemly behaviour or activity on College premises at any time.
8. Bullying and verbal threats to any other students are not allowed in College premises and will be strictly dealt with.
9. Every part of the College building should be kept clean, It is the responsibility of all students.
10. Student address on political and sensitive subjects is not encouraged. Any student involved in banned activity/organization will be rusticated.
11. Parents and guardians are expected to co-operate with the authorities of the College by prevailing upon and motivating their wards not to take part in any antisocial activities.
12. The College dues including tuition fee by the students should be deposited within 10 days of every month thereafter, a fine of Rs.50/- per week will be imposed.
13. Any damage in any form caused by a student due to his / her negligence or deliberate intention shall be repaired at the expense of the student responsible for the negligence.
14. The College is not responsible for loss of any property, money, cell phone, jewelry and other valuable things of the students.
15. Any complaint will be investigated by senior members of the faculty and the recommendations will be forwarded to the Principal.
16. The authorities may expel a student at any time if they are not satisfied with his / her conduct or character.

Procedures for conduct and discipline

1. Support to promote positive behaviour:

All students will receive a copy of the discipline rules and regulation.

2. Students assessed as requiring additional support to manage their own behaviour:

Will be identified by their Academic In-charge and Discipline In-charge.

3. Oral Warning:

The Academic In-charge should inform the student the nature of the unsatisfactory performance and indicate the improvement expected in a face-to-face meeting. The Academic In-charge will make a written notation of the discussion for his or her own records to document that the oral warning was given.

3. Written Warning:

If the unsatisfactory performance continues or reoccurs, the Academic In-charge will again discuss the problem with the students and the student will be given a written warning which will state the nature of the unsatisfactory performance, the improvement expected, and the time frame in which the improvement should occur. A copy of the letter will be sent to the parents of student and placed in the student's file.

3. Suspension & Discharge:

If the expected improvement is not achieved by the date specified or if the problem reoccurs, the student may be suspended from College depending on the severity of the problem(s). The student will be provided with written notice of the action taken by the Academic In-charge and Disciplinary committee. In the case of a suspension, the recurrence of the problem upon return to college will result in immediate termination from College by the Principal.