College Facilities

Facilities available at NILT

NILT is constructed on 4.5 acres of land with building area of 62,600 sq-ft in korangi industrial area, sector 7-A. The facility is located amongst the largest cluster of leather industries in Pakistan.
  • Class Rooms & Auditorium Halls

    Spacious airy class rooms of 30 – 40 student capacity are present in right and left wing of the building. Two auditoriums with 200 person capacity are available for seminars and exhibitions.

  • Mini Tannery

    Full-fledge pilot tannery for job work and student practical’s are located in the basement of the building. All the necessary facilities required for conversion of raw skin into leather on small and medium scale are available. Beam house processes, Tanning, Crusting, Dyeing and Finishing are carried out at NILT along with the intermediate mechanical operations.

  • Garments & Goods Work Shop

    Complete manufacturing units for leather products (Garments & Goods) are installed. Sections for pattern making, cutting, stitching, and product assembly are also present.

  • Leather Testing, Physics, Chemistry & Biology Labs

    Fully equipped modern laboratories are present for leather testing and physical and chemical tests. The laboratory is supervised by qualified and experienced staff and is located in the right wing of the building.

  • Computer Lab

    Information Technology (I.T.) faculty looks after computer lab which is air conditioned, net worked and connected with internet. The lab is having more than 25 PIV computers.

  • Library

    Information is key to learning. Library is stocked with reference books, text books, magazines, journals and newspapers. Lending facility is available for student’s course work.

  • Hostel

    Fully furnished hostel with 25 rooms and a capacity of 50 students is available

  • Recreation Facilities

    Canteen and Sports center are built in a separate building for full time students.

  • Playground

    Ground for Cricket, Football and Hockey is leveled and used by students during their break time and during Sports activity days.